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Death threat made against police after 2 purported gang members killed in Toa Baja raid

Puerto Rico Police Bureau Commissioner Col. Antonio López Figueroa

By John McPhaul

Puerto Rico Police Bureau Commissioner Col. Antonio López Figueroa said Thursday a death threat was made against two police officers as revenge for the two deaths that occurred last Sunday at the Punta Salinas Beach Resort in Toa Baja as a result of an operation that was carried out against a criminal organization.

“All my police officers have been oriented on the security measures they must take,” López Figueroa said in response to questions from the press. “Already since last night the investigation groups were activated to corroborate the veracity of these threats and today they will proceed with them. As soon as additional details emerge … [they] will be given to the media.”

“We have been looking for this person since last night and we are in that process,” he added.

The alleged threat, according to the police chief, came from a criminal organization that operates in the Jardines de Cataño housing development.

Regarding the threat, López Figueroa advised the officers to protect themselves.

“They already have a photo of these people and the protection of my police officers is essential,” he said.

The police commissioner met in Toa Baja with Mayor Betito Márquez, and from that meeting teamwork was coordinated between the commonwealth and municipal police to provide protection to the Punta Salinas Resort area.

“There will be a state and municipal presence in this resort and all the resorts in Puerto Rico,” López Figueroa said.

The Police Bureau identified 12 young people arrested on Sunday as part of a confidential operation carried out at the Punta Salinas Resort where an exchange of gunfire broke out between the subjects and the officers. Six of the 14 involved, including the two deceased, have criminal records.

“The identity of both deceased will be reported as soon as the Institute of Forensic Sciences certifies it,” the police chief noted in a written statement.

Meanwhile, the 12 subjects arrested, who are part of a criminal organization led by Edwin Rivera Pérez, known as “Bubu,” were identified as: Jesús Omar Caez Landrau, 28; Bryant Claudio Torres, 32; Erick Joel Valdés Pacheco, 21; Jacob Abraham Paoli Marrero, 20; Johnny “Jay” Osorio García, 21; Jonathan Rosario Rosado, 20; Lizmarie Cáceres Miranda, 19; Missal Mundo Alfonso, 21; Paulina Cristal Collazo Ruiz, 18; and Sandra Pérez Pagán, 19.

A female under 17 years old, whose identity was not revealed because she is a minor, was also arrested.

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