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Delgado Altieri rules out gubernatorial run in 2024

Carlos Delgado Altieri

By The Star Staff

Carlos “Charlie” Delgado Altieri announced on Monday that, although he had shown interest in July of this year in again running for governor for the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), he has decided not to do so.

Delgado Altieri added that he will not seek any other elective office in next year’s elections.

“In the face of what is shaping up to be an eventual primary for the governorship, I have decided not to aspire to that position,” he said in a written statement.

Despite his decision, Delgado Altieri will continue in his role as PDP vice president. He reiterated his commitment to the party.

“Although I will not aspire to any elective position, I will fight for the victory of the Pava in 2024,” he said.

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