Delgado forms labor affairs and legislation review committee

By John McPhaul

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for governor Carlos “Charlie” Delgado Altieri on Sunday announced the creation of the Committee on Labor Affairs and Legislation Review, which will be in charge of transforming the laws that affect workers in the public and private sectors if Delgado is elected in November.

“This committee will hold meetings with the labor sector, organizations and associations of public and private managerial employees,” Delgado said during a press conference at the offices of the Independent Union of Industrial Development Employees in Hato Rey. “Its task will be to work on proposals to review, repeal, replace and amend labor laws that have shown that they do not benefit in the creation of jobs and violate the rights of workers. In addition, it will collaborate in the drafting of public policy with respect to our pensioners and any other sector that provides benefits to the communities.”

Delgado said the committee will also interact with business organizations in search of consensus in the drafting of the necessary bills to be filed at the start of the upcoming four-year term.

The PDP gubernatorial candidate announced that the committee will be made up of Frank Zorrilla, Ruy Delgado Zayas and union leaders Javier López López, Pedro Irene Maymí and Luisa Acevedo Zambrano.

Delgado said that if elected governor he will eliminate the so-called labor reform approved by the current New Progressive Party administration.

“I am going to reverse these extreme measures against the working class to adequately, efficiently and urgently provide the necessary funds for working people,” the candidate said. “The Second Transformation of Puerto Rico will be guided by social justice. Today unemployment has skyrocketed and the labor participation rate has dropped significantly. The misnamed ‘labor reform’ that this administration established in 2017 generated a decline in job creation and left the working class condemned to terrible working conditions, capriciously eliminating labor rights and harming the quality of life of thousands of workers and job applicants. A job, a well-paid job with benefits, is the best way to attack the country’s social problems.”

As part of his plan for improving working conditions and creating well paying jobs, Delgado said he will implement integrated strategies for the economic development of the island such as transforming the educational system to focus on entrepreneurship and trade; to implement an aggressive plan to attract manufacturing that has been, he said, attacked by the current administration, and create the Puerto Rico Economic Development Council, which will be in charge of implementing an economic development plan for the years 2021-2030, among other measures.

During the press conference, Delgado also announced the appointment of Rep. Carlos Bianchi as the new secretary general of the PDP.

“I appreciate the availability of Carlos Bianchi to undertake this task as general secretary of our community,” Delgado said. “I know about your commitment to our causes of social justice on which our party was founded. We will work together for the well being of Puerto Rico.”

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