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Department of Family sign MOU with Hospital Association to aid children and older adults

Secretary of the Family, Ciení Rodríguez Troche, together with Pedro González Cruz, executive vice president of the AHPR, and administrator of ADFAN, Glenda Gerena Ríos.

By The Star Staff

The Department of Family Affairs (DF) and the Administration for Families and Children (ADFAN) signed on Thursday a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Puerto Rico Hospital Association (AHPR), aimed at strengthening the well-being and health of children and older adults in hospitals.

The signing was led by the Secretary of the Family, Ciení Rodríguez Troche, together with the administrator of ADFAN, Glenda Gerena Ríos, and Pedro González Cruz, executive vice president of the AHPR.

“With this initiative, we seek to strengthen the service system through the development and implementation of new collaborative work strategies and protocols. Through this cycle of training, social workers and health specialists will be able to hear from the various sectors, the challenges they encounter when providing services. In addition, a dialogue will be generated that will help close the service gap, thus achieving a system responsive to the needs of citizens,” Rodríguez Troche explained in written statements.

The agreement seeks, among other purposes, to train 800 social workers, health leaders, physicians, caregivers and health care professionals on the laws and regulations in force that protect minors and older adults, as well as to reinforce protocols for referrals of neglect or mistreatment to these populations in the hospital setting.

For her part, the administrator of ADFAN stressed that “this agreement is a reflection of our commitment to improve the quality of health care for our most vulnerable populations: children and the elderly. The comprehensive well-being of older adults and children is a right and a shared responsibility. Together, we can achieve the best care for these populations, contributing to the development of a system of care that transforms lives and strengthens communities.”

In the same way, the executive vice president of the AHPR, Mr. González Cruz, recognized that with this signing he will receive a positive impact, aimed at strengthening the care of the most vulnerable populations.

“We are very grateful to the Department of the Family for this historic agreement to forge alliances and address issues that guarantee the well-being of Puerto Rico’s children and seniors,” said Gonzalez Cruz.

The agreement was reached at the First Summit of Seminars for Hospitals: Integral Well-being, organized by ADFAN. The two-day event brought together social workers, health leaders, clinicians, caregivers, and care professionals to explore crucial issues such as shared rights and respond sibilities, caregiver well-being, and the patient’s bill of rights.

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