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Designer Rubén Darío celebrates25th anniversary with ‘Prima Donna’

Rubén Darío at REM Project (Photos by Ingrid Torres Ríos)

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

As he goes through different musical masterpieces to select the perfect one for his upcoming fashion show, local fashion designer Rubén Darío takes a break to talk with The STAR about his solid career in the industry.

“It has been a blessed journey,” said Rubén Darío, who explains his secret to 25 years in the competitive fashion business. “I’ve always kept my feet on the ground, and my heart in my clients’ needs and the ever-changing industry trends and future.”

The fashion industry is about genuineness, meaningfulness, discipline and vision, notes the Gurabo native.

“Of course you need to be creative, artistic, dream big and be wise to know what works, what sells and how to contribute to the industry … always making your brand quality and workmanship your top priority,” Rubén Darío said.

“Haute Couture is not fame or glamor; it has its good times and challenging times, like any career,” he noted. “This is a job, a very hard one -- I’m just lucky enough to love it and live it.… This is my passion.”

Rubén Darío will celebrate a successful career that spans 25 years with “Prima Donna,” on Oct. 16 at 7:30 p.m. at Banco Popular Plaza in Miramar’s Convention District.

“Prima Donna” is a 30-piece collection for women who are passionate about style, elegance and timeless designs. It includes formal cocktail dresses, high-impact silhouettes with accented sleeves and necklines, and gowns for big events and the upcoming holidays. It is also a wink to 1960s fashion.

His palette of colors includes black, white, purple, red, turquoise and different hues of rose. Although he prefers solids, Rubén Darío also added some geometrical patterns in “Prima Donna.” For the designs he is using fabrics like shantung, mikado, chiffon, taffeta and brocade.

“My style is clean lines with a contemporary flair,” he said. “I like to spend time with each client and then with the confection of each dress. It needs to be perfect in every sense, every stitch, every drape, every pleat, every single detail.”

Talking about confection, Rubén Darío is quick to point out his admiration for Balenciaga, a “master of forms and silhouettes.”

“Prima Donna” is dedicated to all the models who have worked with him over the last 25 years. Among them are Rosa Lourdes, Olga Martínez, María María and Aurea Marrero.

Besides fashion, the designer confesses his love for music and his passion for opera. His favorites include Turandot, La Traviata and Madame Butterfly.

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