• The Star Staff

‘Diego is fighting’: Fans show support as Diego Maradona recovers from brain surgery

By RT News

Argentine soccer legend Diego Maradona is currently in recovery following successful brain surgery, with fans gathering outside the hospital to show their support for their hero.

Maradona went into surgery to address a blood clot on the brain, with Maradona‘s personal physician and neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, stating that the 80-minute operation was a success.

„I was able to evacuate the hematoma successfully and Diego tolerated the surgery very well,“ said Luque, who described the process as a „routine surgery.“

„The steps now are observation, but it is controlled. It will depend on how he does,” Luque said. “It is not highly complex, but it is still brain surgery.“

Around 50 fans congregated outside of the Olivos Clinic in Buenos Aires, where Maradona was treated, and showed their support by chanting, „DIEGO! DIEGO!“

Many of the fans are supporters of Gimnasia y Esgrima, which Maradona currently coaches, and they told the media of their devotion to the legendary 1986 World Cup winner.

„What we want the most is for Diego to get out of all this,“ said fan Diego Bermúdez. „He can be, he is the greatest, the greatest in the world.“

Another fan, Oscar Medina, offered his support, saying, „Diego is fighting inside with medics.”

“Hopefully, God blesses the medics, to move on from this,” he said. „His people are out here on the street, hearts beating.“