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Digital car stickers can now be registered with Autoexpreso

Transportation and Public Works Secretary Eileen Vélez Vega said the “new alternative” of registering the digital vehicle sticker with the AutoExpreso application “is simple and allows you to complete the procedure in less time.”

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Services (PRITS) Office Director Antonio Ramos Guardiola and Transportation & Public Works (DTOP by its Spanish acronym) Secretary Eileen Vélez Vega announced Thursday that citizens whose digital car sticker was defective will now be able to register it with the AutoExpreso application to pay tolls.

The announcement comes three months after the new digital vehicle sticker went into effect.

“Previously, citizens who received a new digital tag seal were facing problems registering it as a toll stamp,” the PRITS director said. “We diligently attended to this situation with AutoExpreso staff so that citizens, as in our CESCO Digital application, could carry out all the procedures online through the AutoExpreso application or portal without the need to visit the offices.”

The official stressed that people who register their tag stamp to use the toll do not need to activate the auto recharge or provide credit card information if they do not wish to do so. For people who do not have a seal eligible for a digital tag, acquiring a new toll seal is unnecessary since the tag seal has no cost. They will only need to go through the regular process of paying annual fees in the month corresponding to their renewal. A digital tag stamp that is activated for toll use will have a single charge of $7.

The DTOP secretary noted that “the implementation of the digital tag during recent months has been in phases taking into consideration the needs of the users.”

“That is why this new alternative of registering it in the AutoExpreso is simple and allows you to complete the procedure in less time,” Vélez Vega said.

People who have not registered their account with AutoExpreso and who have a seal eligible for digital tag and wish to use it for toll purposes, as well as people who have a seal not eligible for tag purposes and acquire a new one for both functions (tag and toll), or people who did not have any seal and acquire the tag seal and at the same time wish to use it for tolls, must create an account in AutoExpreso and confirm the email. Then they must select the “existing stamp” option and fill out the boxes with stamp information, including the stamp and serial numbers. The serial number for the digital label seal can be obtained on the seal itself or through the CESCO Digital application.

People who have already registered their account with AutoExpreso and their seal is eligible for label use will not need to carry out any additional procedures. On the other hand, people whose AutoExpreso seal is not suitable for label use must unlink their ineligible seal through the AutoExpreso mobile application or portal and register their new seal through the same AutoExpreso app.

Ramos Guardiola recommended that citizens register their toll stamp in AutoExpreso since this will give them better visibility in order to monitor and recharge their account balance. They will receive notifications of low balance, which is a benefit for avoiding fines, which he noted are inactive at the moment. Also, users will receive recharge notifications when they make them.

According to reports, nearly 70,000 citizens have completed the tag renewal process through the CESCO Digital application since the digital tag was announced last September. Ramos Guardiola reiterated that the renewal process can be done through the application, so that “we speed up the process even more and allow citizens to carry out their procedures at their convenience.”

To date, more than 619,000 digital tag renewals have been successfully completed.

That figure should increase dramatically in the coming days given that December is when the most car sales are made and the number of renewals increases.

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