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Dignity Project presents first round of candidates for 2024

By The Star Staff

The upstart party Proyecto Dignidad (Dignity Project) presented its first round of candidates for next year’s elections over the weekend, with 36 candidates for mayor, nine for Senate district seats and one for an at-large seat in the upper chamber, and 19 for district seats and one for an at-large seat in the island House of Representatives, as well as a resident commissioner candidate and two gubernatorial candidates.

The Dignity Project candidate for resident commissioner is Viviana Ramírez Morales, while vying in a primary to become the party’s official candidate for governor will be San Sebastián Mayor Javier Jiménez Pérez and Ada Norah Henríquez.

The announcement was made to more than 600 bonafide party members who attended Saturday’s general meeting titled “Ready for the Race” at the Costa Bahia Hotel Convention Center in Guayanilla.

“This first round was extraordinary because it allowed us to talk to the hundreds of candidates who submitted their aspirations to the evaluation committee made up of seven people,” said Nilda Pérez Martínez, secretary general of the Dignity Project. “It was hard work in the last few days because we wanted to introduce the country to a team of people committed to what Puerto Rico needs. We are already preparing for the second round of the remaining open applications. Our goal is to achieve the most complete team of candidates by 2024.”

“The structure has been solidified as we have representation in each municipality,” added Nelson Rosario Rodríguez, the party’s electoral commissioner.

“The work plan that we have drawn up since we were registered in the last elections in 2020 has been achieved with the effort and participation of all the members of the governing council, the presidents of the municipal committees, and the electoral commissioners, among other working committees,” Dignity Project President César Vázquez Muñiz said. “It is impressive to see how this group that began collecting endorsements has been transformed into a solid team of leaders that has been able to respond to every need that Proyecto Dignidad has faced.”

Vázquez Muñiz said the party was “ready for the second round, which concludes its first phase on Jan. 2, 2024, when we will submit all applicants for the remaining vacant positions.”

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