• The Star Staff

Domestic vacationers drive up July 4 weekend hotel stays

By John McPhaul


Puerto Rico Tourism Co. (CTPR by its Spanish initials) Director Carla Campos announced on Wednesday that occupancy in hotels and inns is expected to reach 46.9 percent and it is estimated that 37,884 island residents will stay in lodgings during the four days of the July 4 holiday weekend (Thursday to Sunday).

“Our tourism industry has begun its reopening with a solid step, and residents have promoted this resurgence of the sector,” Campos said. “On this holiday weekend, a direct economic impact of $3.3 million is estimated in room consumption. According to data collected by the agency, 16,604 room nights have been reserved at present and an average rate of $154.30 has been reported.”

The CTPR chief noted that through the “Check In for Your Island” initiative and the implementation of the Destination Health and Safety Program, “they have sparked the interest of our residents to vacation on the island this coming July 4.”

“Since June 8, the ‘VoyTuristeando.com’ website has received a total of 110,406 users and 859,757 visits,” she said. “These visits have generated a total of 21,378 direct sales referrals for the hotels and businesses that participate in the promotional offers on the web page.”

Campos stressed that the figure of 46.9 percent in estimated occupation for the holiday weekend “is a promising figure since it represents an increase of 42 percentage points over the occupation reported in April (4.8 percent estimated occupation) and an approximate jump of over 30 percentage points over the estimated occupation in May (10 percent) tourism.”

“Some 38,000 residents will ‘check in’ this long weekend and will enjoy healthy and safe tourism,” Campos said. “This is indicative that Puerto Rico has always been a diverse and accessible destination to enjoy a vacation without having to travel abroad. We invite all residents to take advantage of packages prepared exclusively for the local public and continue to boost the economy on the island.”