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Domestic violence prevention campaign also looks to empower survivors

Women’s Advocate Lersy Boría Vizcarrondo

By John McPhaul

As part of Domestic Violence Prevention Month, Women’s Advocate Lersy Boría Vizcarrondo announced on Monday the launch of an educational campaign aimed at empowering survivors of violence and their families.

With the slogan “We’re Doing Everything for You,” the campaign presents the services offered and coordinated by the Office of the Women’s Advocate (OPM by its Spanish initials) along with other organizations to help, accompany and support victims of gender violence.

“This is a message addressed to the victims that they are not alone and that there are reasons to report violence,” Boría Vizcarrondo said. “Certainly, we must recognize that taking the step to report abuse is complicated, but at the OPM we will walk hand in hand with victims to together achieve eradication of violence in all its manifestations.”

Boría Vizcarrondo, who also is a member of the PARE Committee established by Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia to eradicate gender violence, added that among other OPM initiatives, “this campaign stands out for its messages of empowerment for surviving victims during the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing the importance of seeking advice to develop an escape plan that allows them to leave gender violence relationships effectively and safely.”

“In addition,” the official added, “it presents the signs of gender violence and educates on how to identify them and what to do in certain circumstances to protect the integrity, dignity and safety of the surviving victims.”

The multimedia campaign includes the participation of several prominent island artists and journalists who, through their social networks reinforce the message that gender violence is an issue that affects all of us and it is up to all of us to work to fight it.

The women’s advocate added that the Office of Innovation and Technology Services will be offering support and greater visibility to the campaign.

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