• The Star Staff

Drought conditions greatly reduced in past week

By John McPhaul


The drought in Puerto Rico was significantly reduced between Tuesday, July 28 and this past Tuesday, according to the report released Thursday by the United States Drought Monitor.

As of July 28, 17.3 percent of Puerto Rico was under the category of severe drought. As of Tuesday, that figure was reduced to zero.

Moderate drought, meanwhile, dropped from 45.2 percent to zero, the U.S. Drought Monitor reported.

The anomalous drought reached two-thirds, or 66.4 percent, of Puerto Rico as of July 28. It is now at 17.4 percent for a 49 percent reduction.

Almost all of the areas that are now under the anomalous drought category were in the severe drought category last week, the report said.

This significant drop in drought levels is due to several downpour events over Puerto Rico, especially Tropical Storm Isaias, which left up to about 10 inches of rain on the island between Thursday and Friday.

The rain deficit in Puerto Rico kept the flow of many rivers and most of the reservoirs that the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) uses to extract and purify water, to then send it to its subscribers, below normal.

The drought has been alleviated in recent weeks and water rationing by PRASA has been suspended.