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Drunken man accused of assaulting woman following car accident

By The Star Staff

An inebriated man was accused of assaulting a woman after a car accident in the town of Salinas late Saturday.

According to the complainant, after the traffic accident, the driver of the other vehicle assaulted her, striking different parts of her body.

The subject underwent a breathalyzer test with a result of .12% alcohol level.

Prosecutor Marcos Algarín summoned the parties for a March 27 court hearing in Salinas.

Also over the weekend, a man was booked into prison for failing to post bail on murder and Weapons Law charges for an incident reported in Juana Díaz.

According to the police report, Miguel Ángel Alvarado Ortiz, 37, allegedly killed his brother-in-law, Ángel Luis Rosa González, 28, on 8th Street in the Piedra Aguzá neighborhood of Juana Díaz.

Alvarado Ortiz, who has a record of controlled substances offenses, was brought before Judge Adria Cruz Cruz, who found cause for all three charges. The judge imposed bail of $1.529 million, which the accused did not provide. He was admitted to the Sgt. Pedro Rodríguez Mateo correctional complex in Ponce.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for March 2023 in Ponce Superior Court.

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