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Education Dept. invites parents & guardians to ‘Know Your School’ event

Education Secretary Yanira Raíces Vega

By The Star Staff

Education Secretary Yanira Raíces Vega on Monday invited all parents and guardians to participate in the “Know Your School” event, which will take place at each school on Jan. 12, a week before the resumption of classes, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“This occasion is of utmost importance for parents to go to school and learn how their children’s academic performance has been 20 weeks into school,” Raíces Vega said in a written statement. “This time allows us to identify any situation or difficulty so that the family and faculty can attend to it and work as a team to help the student. Our schools will be open during regular hours to receive all parents early in the morning.”

Last semester, 70% attendance was reached, with 173,882 parents and guardians going to the schools to pick up their children’s grades and talk to teachers and school staff.

The purpose of “Know Your School” is to foster collaboration between faculty, the school community, and families, with the goal of strengthening relationships and promoting an enriching and collaborative educational environment. Family involvement contributes to improved academic performance, attendance, behavior and understanding of community needs.

During the event, two initiatives will be followed up on with parents: “Activate Your Values,” which seeks to instill ethical values and responsibility in students, and the formation of a “Family Committee,” made up of seven volunteer parents who will work together with the school community to support the educational mission and improve communication. a task that began last November.

In the previous “Know Your School” visit, parents and guardians were asked to sign the “Commitment of Parents and Guardians,” a document that reaffirms their commitment to the education of their children and includes supervising class attendance, participating in at least four school activities, providing a study environment at home, fostering respect at school, maintaining regular communication with teachers, and helping children become responsible citizens.

Raíces Vega also thanked the Transportation and Public Works Secretary Eileen Vélez Vega and Office of Human Resources Administration and Transformation Director Zahira Maldonado Molina, who signed collaborative agreements for the exchange of information that promotes the integration of the family into the school community, and the University of Puerto Rico for calling on parents to have a presence at their children’s schools.

To provide support to families, the secretary noted the presence of 1,169 social workers, 487 professional counselors, 881 nurses and 777 psychologists, who are part of the Integrated Support for Students in the island’s 856 public schools, a 7% increase in the social-emotional component compared to the previous year.

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