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Education Dept. offers sign language course

By John McPhaul

The island Department of Education, in partnership with WIPR-TV, will make a sign language course available to the general public through the department’s Digital Academy.

Guillermo López Díaz, the Education Department’s deputy secretary for academic and program affairs, said Thursday that the course is made up of 60 videos and is now available. Each week, five additional videos will be added for a period of 12 weeks until the 60 videos are completed.

“The Department of Education is committed to ensuring compliance with Law No. 56 of January 24, 2018, known as the Law to Include Sign Language Courses in the Curriculum of the Schools of the Puerto Rico Department of Education,” he said.

Puerto Rico Corporation for Public Broadcasting (WIPR) President Eric Delgado was emphatic that “this project, carried out in conjunction with the Department of Education, has the objective of fulfilling our commitment to expand the academic offering for the benefit of the development of our communities and all of Puerto Rico.”

Delgado said the courses are focused on basic communication phrases and daily use.

The courses are available through www.EnCasaAprendo.PR and through the Moodles platform.

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