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Edwin Mundo says division in NPP, PDP will deliver La Fortaleza to PIP

New Progressive Party Alternate Electoral Commissioner Edwin Mundo

By The Star Staff

Edwin Mundo, the alternate electoral commissioner of the New Progressive Party (NPP), said Wednesday that divisions in the NPP and the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) will give the governorship to the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP).

“I propose it to the people of the party that 25 municipalities are lost by 500 votes, that they lose 16 [House] seats that are won or lost by 500 votes, that senatorial seats are lost and the most terrible is that with a division in the [PDP] and a division in our party, independence wins and takes us to a republic as has happened in Venezuela, in Cuba, in Nicaragua, in those countries that improvise in power and to remove them you have to look for the National Guard,” Mundo said in a radio interview.

“They are going to unite even if they are not in one party and they are going to vote mixed for each other and they have a chance if it comes together if we are divided,” he added. “If we stand together behind statehood they have no chance. If we divide and the popular leftists divide and go to Victoria Ciudadana [Citizen Victory Movement] and the PIP, we run the risk that in 2025 instead of swearing in an NPP governor, an independentista governor will be sworn in.”

Mundo said “statehood” in Puerto Rico reaches more than 675,100 voters, but he fears that a split in the party will cause more than 100,000 voters to stay home on election day next year.

“It’s going to depend on how the primary is conducted and how we’re going to stick together,” he said. “Nobody wants the primaries, only those who seek it.”

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