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Embracing the drama at Dolce & Gabbana

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

Glitz and glamour. Feathers and lace.

Leave it to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to put on a show. That’s exactly what we love. They took Milan Fashion Week by storm. Amid all and every fabulous fashion house presenting this week in Milan, the italian label captured all the attention with barely any clothes at all.

Leggy models paraded down the runway wearing sheer and semi-sheer leotards, corsets, tank tops, miniature bralettes and thongs under sheer mesh cocktails or transparent untied gowns. There was a lot of tulle, satin, chiffon, silk and skin. And the color palette is limited to black, scarlet, a little bit of white and some gold.

Welcome to “Sensuale, a new dimension of sensuality that draws on the internal experiences that make women spontaneous and natural. An intriguing interplay of weights and volumes, iconic colors and meticulous tailored cuts bring together a collection in celebration of a woman’s authentic self.”

We missed their signature and elaborate florals, the animal prints, the clever suiting and the fantastic dresses cinched at the waist. Although the collection is mostly about luxe lingerie, a category they created 30 years ago, there are other looks worth commenting on. We loved the incredibly beautiful coats, and sophisticated sheer blouses with accent lapels and cuffs, trimmed with fur or plumes. Absolutely adored the intriguing 3D satin roses at the neck and in belts; the fur collars, feather collars, fur lapels and opera gloves. Accessories rocked. Feathers followers rejoice!

Trouser suits as well as cropped jackets, almost like tiny boleros, were favorites with the crowd. Loose masculine-cut wool pants were presented with lace and tulle bras, and cashmere capes. A new jacket silhouette was introduced in Milan: A body jacket with satin buttons and lapels. The Dolce jacket has a new sculptural interpretation. It was modeled with a jersey midi or longish skirt, the label calls it “longuette.” Also winning? The draped tulle dresses, micro-dresses, and the liquid gold effect stretch dresses in jersey. Other garments in liquid gold: briefs, exuberant gala coats, and a sexy form-fitting strapless midi over a contrasting bralette in black chantilly lace.

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