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Employees of HIMA-San Pablo Hospital in Caguas demand Christmas bonus

By The Star Staff

Employees of the HIMA-San Pablo Hospital in Caguas on Monday demanded the payment of the Christmas bonus that the administration refuses to pay in a year marked by the coronavirus pandemic and by the tireless work done by health professionals.

“Today the employees of the HIMA-San Pablo de Caguas hospital took to the streets to demand from this abusive and insensitive administration the payment of the Christmas bonus, which is so much deserved by these health professionals who during this year have worked tirelessly on the front lines of the battle against the coronavirus pandemic,” said Gerson Guzmán López, president of the General Workers Union (UGT by its Spanish initials), which represents hospital employees.

Guzmán López said the hospital administration also “wants to eliminate rights and benefits for hospital employees.”

“The pettiness of this employer is so great that it wants to eliminate more benefits to these professionals who give everything for the health of all the patients who visit this hospital every day,” he added.

The union leader stated that the union he leads has been negotiating for four months and 14 sessions with the HIMA-San Pablo administration, where the UGT Negotiating Committee has shown the greatest flexibility and openness.

“Since September we have proposed to the employer, considering the extraordinary situation that the country is experiencing in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, to extend the current agreement for one year, under the same conditions, but to this day the response that we continue to receive from our proposals is the total resistance of the employer to agree to improvements in terms and conditions of employment,” Guzmán López emphasized.

“In addition to this, the HIMA administration has not requested Hazard Pay as other hospitals such as Mutual Aid, San Lucas, Presbyterian and others have correctly done,” he said.