End of official scrutiny of election results not yet in sight

By John McPhaul

Roberto Iván Aponte Berríos, electoral commissioner of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), said Monday in a radio interview that he hopes the final results of the general elections will be announced before Dec. 24, but acknowledged that close contests may delay the process.

“I don’t dare to predict. The results of these elections, the scrutiny and recount have been atypical,” Aponte Berríos said. “I hope that before the 24th [of December] we will finish, but I don’t dare to forecast. This depends a lot on those close contests or if someone goes to court.”

Aponte Berríos said the closest contests are in the municipalities of San Juan, Aguadilla, Guánica and Culebra.

“On Friday, at a meeting in the afternoon at the [State Elections] Commission, I proposed that the nine [scrutiny] tables be used to conclude the work for San Juan,” he said, adding that his proposal was accepted by the other electoral commissioners. “So let’s hope that with that determination we will conclude and the [SEC] chairman [Francisco Rosado Colomer] will finally say who ends up winning that [mayoral] contest in San Juan.”

Aponte Berríos added that “San Juan is a great concern given the closeness of this contest, for the number changes and for the accusations that have been made” regarding the possibility of fraud in the vote.

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