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Energy Bureau issued a resolution to receive public comments from interested parties

President of the Energy Bureau, Edison Avilés Deliz.

By John McPhaul

The Energy Bureau of the Public Service Regulatory Board issued a resolution and order to initiate an informal process of reviewing regulation 9028 on microgrid development and receive comments from interested parties. Then, the formal process of approval of regulations will begin as required by Law 38-2017, the bureau said Thursday.

Regulation 9028 allows customers to choose and control their electric service, increase system resilience, encourage energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable initiatives, and stimulate economic growth by creating a new and emerging market for microgrid services.

An essential component for the successful implementation of microgrid systems as a solution to Puerto Rico’s energy needs is the ability of these systems to interconnect and disconnect with Puerto Rico’s power grid, currently managed by LUMA.

“As the energy sector evolves, it is appropriate to review regulatory frameworks to keep them up to date with emerging technologies and initiatives. Therefore, we issue this resolution, fulfilling our function of ensuring the public interest, “explained the president of the Bureau, Edison Avilés Deliz.

To that end, the Bureau invites interested parties and the general public to submit comments on possible revisions within 30 days of the issuance of this Resolution and Order.

The public can send comments through the following means: email:; online, using the Electronic Filing System of the Bureau at the following address: (; (https://radicacion.energia. by postal mail addressed to the Office of the Secretary of the Energy Bureau, at the World Plaza Building, 268 Muñoz Rivera Ave., Suite 202, San Juan, PR 00918; or in person at the Secretarial Office located at the above address.

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