• The Star Staff

Energy Bureau lacks info on BPPR plans to build power plant

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico Energy Bureau (PREB) has requested additional information regarding Banco Popular’s plans to build a combined heat and power cogeneration plant for its facilities in the Cupey Center that will also provide energy to Evertec.

The bank made the original request to the PREB on June 26, but the STAR could not find the document in the case’s dossier. The PREB issued its ruling asking for additional documents on Monday.

The cogeneration plant will serve as the Cupey Center’s “main source of energy” but the PREB’s resolution did not say whether the bank plans to sell its excess power to the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) or if there is any proposed net metering agreement.

The petition says Banco Popular’s cogeneration plant will also provide energy to Evertec, which will reimburse the bank for the energy it uses. The main goal of the cogeneration plant is to provide resiliency and stability to the plant’s operations, the document states.

The PREB, however, told Banco Popular to provide over the next few days a copy of the contract between the bank and Evertec, information regarding the design of the cogeneration plant, information about the energy distribution system, information on the density of energy consumption per square footage, and an evaluation of the convenience of using meters to determine the amount of energy used by both the bank and Evertec.

The PREB warned that if the documents are not submitted in the required 10 days, the bank’s request will be dismissed.

The request comes at a time when PREPA customers are enduring occasional power outages because of the fragility of the system.