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Ex-deputy mayor Sicardó Ocasio resigns as Cataño muni employee

Gabriel Sicardó Ocasio

By The Star Staff

Gabriel Sicardó Ocasio, who was deputy mayor of Cataño under former mayor Félix “El Cano” Delgado Montalvo, and who sued the New Progressive Party (NPP) to be able to run for mayor, has quit his job in the metro area municipality.

Sicardó Ocasio reportedly submitted his resignation letter as requested by the new mayor of Cataño, Julio Alicea Vasallo, who replaced Delgado Montalvo.

Alicea Vasallo was sworn in as mayor last Sunday, after Superior Court judge Rebecca de León Ríos dismissed a petition from Sicardó Ocasio for the court to find the NPP in contempt for disqualifying him as a candidate.

The judge reminded the applicant that the criteria applied by the party to disqualify him “is outside the jurisdictional scope” of the case because the court would only examine whether the process dictated in the party’s regulations was followed.

After her decision, Alicea Vasallo was certified as mayor and later requested the resignation from the municipality of Sicardó Ocasio and 40 other employees who were working with the Delgado Montalvo administration in positions of trust.

Delgado Montalvo pleaded guilty to a corruption scheme in which he accepted money and gifts in exchange for awarding contracts.

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