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Ex-lawmaker arrives late for probation revocation hearing, which is then postponed

Former Rep. Ramón Luis Rodríguez Ruiz

By The Star Staff

Former New Progressive Party (NPP) lawmaker Ramón Luis Rodríguez Ruiz arrived an hour late to his court hearing Wednesday at the San Juan Superior Court, where he faced a revocation of his probation.

Judge Alexandria Rivera Sáez postponed the hearing to Monday, June 27. The ex-lawmaker’s legal representation is attorney Mayra López Mulero.

The Special Independent Prosecutor Panel (PFEI in Spanish) asked the court last week to revoke the lawmaker’s probation after he was recently charged in a domestic violence case in court in Guayama. The former lawmaker posted a bail of $10,000 after he was indicted.

Judge Rebecca Vera Ríos of the Guayama Superior Court determined cause for arrest for a charge of violation of article 3.1 (abuse) of Law 54 for the Prevention and Intervention with Domestic Violence and article 59 (abuse) of Law for the Safety, Welfare and Protection of Minors.

It is not the first time the former lawmaker has been charged with domestic violence. In 2018, prosecutor Lorraine Pietri Colón, from the Division of Public Integrity and Comptroller Affairs, accused Rodríguez Ruiz of allegedly attacking a woman with whom he had a romantic relationship. The victim filed a complaint with the Puerto Rico Police.

The Special Independent Prosecutor law establishes that the Department of Justice must carry out a preliminary investigation within the legal term of 90 days to make a referral.

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