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Ex-lawmaker: Trash piling up in Toa Baja since contract canceled

By The Star Staff

Former Rep. Pedro Julio “Pelle” Santiago alleged Thursday that the cancellation of the municipal contract with private trash hauler Waste Collection has brought garbage pickups to a standstill in Toa Baja.

“A little over a week ago [Dec. 14], the municipal administration of Toa Baja canceled the contract with the Waste Collection company, indicating that it would provide the solid waste collection service in our town until the end of February 2022 while an alternative was sought,” Santiago said in a written statement. “The company stopped operating immediately, which has caused a crisis in garbage collection that has the potential to negatively affect our people.”

“The reality is that there are many communities in Toa Baja that face serious problems with the garbage collection service, and it is urgent that the municipalities with the resources [do so] help us,” he added. “This is imperative in this Christmas season, when people are throwing more things out.”

The contract with Waste Collection was signed in 2018. On Dec. 14, the municipal administration, due to the arrest by federal authorities of the former president of that company, Oscar Santamaría, canceled the contract effective this coming Feb. 28.

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