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Ex-MVC electoral commissioner to run for at-large House seat

Olvin Valentín Rivera

By The Star Staff

Olvin Valentín Rivera, a former Citizen Victory Movement (MVC by its Spanish initials) electoral commissioner, announced on Tuesday his intention to seek a seat as an at-large representative in the 2024 elections.

“I aspire to serve Puerto Rico from the House, as at-large Representative for the MVC, where I will seek to advance a sustainable transformation for our archipelago,” Valentín said in a written statement.

“In the same way, looking at the electoral process and the interests of the electorate, my candidacy reflects the diversity of thoughts and ideas that exist within the MVC framed in the Urgent Agenda, with which voters outside the community can also feel identified,” he added.

If elected, Valentín said he will aim for equity and justice, expanding opportunities for small to midsize enterprises and the working class to create a sustainable Puerto Rican economy. Another of his priorities is to address the aging of the island’s population, which, more than helping the elderly, requires supporting their families and caregivers.

Valentín has a track record in the private sector, in aviation companies, as well as in the third sector, collaborating with local nonprofit organizations that help communities create a positive social and cultural impact.

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