• The Star Staff

Ex-PDP presidents question Hernández’s proclaiming himself speaker of the House

By John McPhaul


Former Popular Democratic Party (PDP) presidents Victoria Muñoz Mendoza and Héctor Luis Acevedo on Sunday questioned the actions of Rep. Rafael “Tatito” Hernández Montañez, who proclaimed himself speaker of the House with the support of a group of PDP legislators.

In a written communication, Muñoz Mendoza, a former senator, and Acevedo, a former mayor of San Juan, said “[t]he raison to be of political parties is to unite wills for collective causes beyond individual ones.”

“It is with the principle in mind of doing justice to the hope of others that the Popular Democratic Party was created and it was with this procedure that it directed a pilgrimage of progress and quality of life to the people who live in the fields and towns of Puerto Rico,” they said.

The former officials said the PDP offered “a powerful lesson to their two main political parties on November 3, 2020, taking from their candidacies and programs more than two-thirds of their votes.”

“The honorable Popular Democratic Party president Charlie Delgado, with good judgment, called for introspection and evaluation of those results and instructed [party lawmakers] to suspend the processes of selecting the legislative leadership until the vote counting and internal discussion of what had happened concluded. Every day has its desire,” said the PDP leaders, who added that at the beginning of the discussion process on Friday a group of community representatives, even without being certified or having been summoned to select the legislative leadership as required by regulation, proceeded to challenge the party president and tried to proceed on its own account to proclaim leadership positions.

“We believe this act is contrary to the principles of this party, by putting positions above the causes that are our essence and estimating individual interests above collective ones,” the PDP leaders said. “This action deserves our strong repudiation and our call to regain respect for the institutions and values that give meaning to a political community.”

Muñoz Mendoza and Acevedo added that “our people categorically rejected this type of legislative action that weakens the people’s esteem for their institutions.”

“You have to value and understand the goals of this party and its loyalties to great causes over your own,” they said. “That generosity of understanding was the seed and the sowing that gave us life and will give us a future.”