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Ex-senator sentenced to six months probation

Former senator Maritere González López

By The Star Staff

Former Popular Democratic Party (PDP) senator Maritere González López was sentenced on Thursday to six months of probation after the Office of the Special Independent Prosecutor Panel prosecuted her for the late filing of her financial reports with the Government Ethics Office.

“Today a chapter of five years of many life lessons and unique and incalculable learning, which is indescribable with words, closes,” González López said in a written statement.

The former senator’s lawyer, Yuseph Lamboy, pointed out that “it is unfortunate that people who tried to advance their petty partisan political interests offered incorrect information to the media, with the sole intention of tarnishing the image of this public official.”

“Mrs. González assumed the responsibility of filing late documents and will comply with the term imposed by the court.”

Lamboy pointed out that “the less serious charges, related to negligence, do not carry as punishment an impediment for the former legislator to work for the Government of Puerto Rico or any municipal entity.”

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