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Expo Puerto Rico in Orlando touts island investment, work opportunities

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi

By John McPhaul

Twenty-seven companies representing various economic sectors participated on Monday in the Expo Puerto Rico event in Orlando, Florida as part of the agenda of the Puerto Rico government’s agenda through the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC by its Spanish initials) aimed at supporting the export of local products and services to other markets, as well as promoting investment and economic development on the island.

“Our goal during the Expo in Orlando is that Puerto Rican entrepreneurs who attend can create business ties to export their services and products to the United States, as well as promote Puerto Rico as a destination to invest and establish companies,” Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia said in a written statement. “In addition, we seek to highlight the work environment on our island, specifically in the aerospace sector in which there are many opportunities. Our economy has been growing steadily and solidly, which has allowed us to achieve historic figures in terms of employment opportunities on the island, so we also want to continue attracting resources to our workforce.”

DDEC Secretary Manuel Cidre Miranda noted that “the markets of Orlando and Puerto Rico represent a great opportunity for entrepreneurs from both regions.”

“The high concentration of Puerto Ricans in Central Florida, together with the close relationship between families and friends in Puerto Rico, practically make this a large municipality, with the ability to export and import goods and services, since they usually serve the same profile of consumers,” he said. “Central Florida represents for Puerto Rican businesses an opportunity for expansion not only for products, services and food businesses, but also includes the possibility of exporting recognized business brands such as El Mesón, Econo and Selectos, to name a few.”

“Puerto Rico, through its incentive program, is the ideal destination for light and specialized manufacturing, for the aerospace sectors, biosciences, as well as IT, tourism and agribusiness, among others,” Cidre Miranda continued. “This trade mission is extremely attractive for local products and services in high demand, such as beverages and food services, among others. For DDEC, it is essential to continue facilitating greater opportunities for growth and expansion for our companies.”

Another objective of the mission, DDEC chief noted, is to offer employment opportunities to Puerto Ricans and people interested in areas of high demand in Puerto Rico as a result of the increase in investment in the aerospace sectors, as well as the construction, services, tourism, computer and other sectors. In addition, recent increases in the minimum wage, as well as the increase in wages of many businesses in Puerto Rico make it attractive for Central Florida residents to relocate to the island, he said.

“The aerospace industry is an ever-growing sector that needs a professional workforce with up-to-date skills for a highly regulated market,” Cidre Miranda said. “This creates new job opportunities for our engineers in various fields, such as aviation and space. This event will present opportunities for personnel in the aerospace area, among others, who are considering relocating to the island.”

Participating companies were: AC Culinary Group, Amasar LLC, Apiarios Caraballo (Miel El Cafetal) Corp., Artesano Rum Corp., Baby Blue LLC, C & C Supply, Desde mi Huerto, Destilería Coqui Inc., Doña Yiya Foods Inc., Dulzura Borincana, Eurocaribe Packing-Matosantos, GascoIndustrial, KeFruits (Cabo Rojo Steaks and Zato Pet Food), Mi Cosecha, Mistolin Caribe Inc., Nosotras Boutique Fashion Group (Krystalos), Olein Corp., Mizanelle LLC (Piketú), PuertoRican Salsa Company, LLC (Boripique), R’Brothers LLC, San Juan Artisan Distillers LLC, San Mar Manufacturing (Cool River), Titan, Universal Manufacturing (Dr. Mecánico), Valero Inc., and aerospace companies.

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