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Fabulous women + designers

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

When it comes to Best Dressed Women, Puerto Rican women are among the best dressed in the world. Fact. That is why it wasn’t easy to choose 16 fabulous women for this year’s San Juan Moda’s coveted “Fabulous Women Club.”

Along with Vogue Magazine’s Mexico and Latin America Edition, the fashion organization’s Special Committee selected women from all walks of life who help and empower other women through their work. The winners also support the island’s fashion industry by buying from local designers.

Among the women chosen are Puerto Rican television presenters Adamari López and Gredmarie Colón, and Dominican celebrities Clarissa Molina and Luz García. Milagros Arrieta, Waleska Rivera, Alma Acosta, Barbara Serrano, María María and Zenaida López also made the cut.

The women were celebrated Saturday night at Isla Verde’s El San Juan Hotel during the very orange “La Noche Vogue.” Other highlights of the night were the grand fashion collection presented by Dominican designer Leonel Lirio, and a peek at the fashion creations from Ana G. Méndez University design students.

On Sunday, San Juan Moda showcased Resort Collections by designers Giselle Otero, Tommie Hernández, Jon John, Lorraine Ortiz, Mateo Manuel and Lesli Pérez. If planning to attend, don’t miss fashion designer Heriberto Vázquez’s Superdolls Collection, a series of 28-inch fashion dolls dressed and styled by him, and displayed in the lobby of El San Juan Hotel.

Among the designers presenting tonight are Ángel Guzmán, José Raúl, Edd Aponte, Juan Colón, Valdy and Abimael Ortiz. David Antonio, Leonardo Cordero, Sixto Nolasco and Etalon Equestre are scheduled for Thursday night, while Lisa Thon, Rubén Darío and Herman Nadal will host their runways on Friday. For additional information and tickets, @sanjuanmodapr.

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