Factory closure will leave about 450 people unemployed

By The Star Staff

Caguas Mayor William Miranda Torres lamented on Sunday the announced closure of the Mylan manufacturing plant located in the municipality, and immediately began multidirectional efforts to fill the void left by the company’s departure starting next year.

“We received the sad news of the closure of the Mylan manufacturing plant in Caguas. Its executives made a deferential gesture with me and the city [during] the dialogue, by telephone, about the unfortunate announcement,” Miranda Torres said in a written statement.

“Although this is a decision that comes from its parent company, it is still a discouraging note due to the nearly 450 people who could be unemployed and the void left by their operation in our municipality in economic terms.”

The mayor added that although the closure will be gradual and the layoffs will begin at the end of 2021, it is important to start managing the development of the property.

“My economic development team is instructed to mobilize quickly and take action by beginning to identify potential stakeholders in occupying the building and making ourselves available to the agencies and organizations concerned to collaborate in the process,” Miranda Torres said. “Likewise, I have [waiting] for my signature letters to the governor-elect and his appointed secretary for Economic Development [and Commerce] to indicate that we are ready to start looking for alternatives and/or investors for the development of that property and request that they address the situation with priority.”

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