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Faith -based groups integrated in PDP with election of pastor to PDP governing board

Mayor of Morovis and candidate to preside over the PDP Carmen Maldonado González (center) participated this weekend in the activity “Encounters of Faith.

By John McPhaul

The mayor of Morovis and candidate to preside over the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), Carmen Maldonado González, participated this weekend in the activity “Encounters of Faith,”’ coordinated by Pastor Frankie Guerra, recently elected as representative of the faith-based communities in the PDP Governing Board.

“I appreciate this initiative of comrade Guerra, in order to integrate faith-based communities into the Puerto Rican political process. As a candidate to preside over the PDP at the event on Sunday, May 7, where all bona fide PDP members will be able to participate, it is important that all the groups that make up Puerto Rican society are part of the process,” Maldonado González said at the meeting held at the Mita Congregation Church in Hato Rey.

The candidate also shared with pastors Ariel Tirado of the Cantares de Vega Baja Church, Orlando Beníquez of Bayamón, Juan Confesor Ayuso of Guayama and the delegates Rafael Román, Moisés Villegas, Eric Colon and Dr. Ruth Noemi Caraballo.

At the meeting, Maldonado González presented his proposal Popular Evolution: which is manifested in five fundamental points, called Governance, Transparency, Inclusion, Education and Ethics. For his part, Guerra pointed out that the creation of the Faith-Based Organization within the PDP is an answered prayer for many of us who seek a space to present our points of view, educate about why we assume our positions, be heard and be able to foster a dialogue on the most important issues in the country without the stigma of intransigence that we have sometimes been labeled when in our hearts there is a great love and compassion for others, even with our positions.”

Guerra added that these meetings seek first to tell the PDP that “we are grateful for this opportunity, but that it is not symbolic. We took the opportunity to be relevant within the party. In addition, let the candidates know that we are here to help and that in no way will we have a passive role in all important issues, beyond the issues that always identify us, but many others that also concern us such as education, the economy, health and crime. “

For the member of the PDP Governing Board, “we are available for when emergencies occur and it is part of our service, but we also want to be part of other discussions. And of course, we are also here to pray for our candidates who, in the midst of the campaign, both they and their teams have long working days of constant visits in the face of the upcoming electoral process. Faith-Based Organizations have historically been an essential part in the reconstruction of the country, contributing to the problems of addiction, mistreatment, poverty and many others. At this time we want to continue contributing in other areas that affect us all and that we can also be part of the solutions,” concluded Guerra.

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