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Fajardo-Humacao Catholic bishop endorses COVID-19 vaccinations

By John McPhaul

The Catholic Bishop of Fajardo-Humacao, Luis F. Miranda, issued a memo Tuesday endorsing vaccinations for COVID-19, saying that “no moral controversy detracts from the legitimacy of vaccines authorized by the competent authorities in relation to all, if not most, of the vaccines against COVID-19.”

No cleric of the Diocese of Fajardo-Humacao is authorized to sign, under any concept, any document, notarized or not, that adduces doctrinal or religious reasons that justify non-vaccination against COVID-19, the Catholic leader said.

“The Catholic Church, as an institution, will promote a healthy, responsible, orderly and ethical vaccination, ensuring that all the Christian faithful who freely wish, especially the poorest and most vulnerable, have easy access to it,” the bishop said. “We fraternally invite all the Christian faithful, especially all pastoral agents, to promote with a free and joyful conscience the process of vaccination in their Christian communities and family.”

However, the bishop also said he “sacredly” respected the conscientious objection of any human being who for personal reasons declines to get vaccinated.

“An atmosphere of respect will be promoted among all the faithful vaccinated and unvaccinated Christians,” he said. “The church rejects all signs of unfair discrimination against the unvaccinated population.”

All the Christian faithful, vaccinated and unvaccinated, must comply strictly with the safety protocols against COVID-19 in all diocesan authorities, as provided by the current law or ordinance of the state, the bishop said.

Last Wednesday, Pope Francis spoke out about the COVID-19 pandemic, saying getting the vaccine was “an act of love.”

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