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Family Dept. maintains provisional custody of a minor allegedly made pregnant by an officer

Designated Family Secretary Ciení Rodríguez Troche

By The Star Staff

The island Family Department is maintaining provisional custody of a 14-year-old girl in Río Grande who allegedly may have become pregnant by a law enforcement officer, as reported Tuesday by designated Family Secretary Ciení Rodríguez Troche.

“The Family Department maintains provisional custody of a 14-year-old minor who, allegedly, became pregnant by a law enforcement agent,” Rodríguez Troche said in a written statement.

The official added that the case, which is publicly known, has been under investigation for several months by the agency’s social work team. She stated that in March, they had already implemented social protection measures to safeguard the girl.

She mentioned that, currently, the minor is in a “stable and safe” situation and that the agency continues to provide her with comprehensive support through her social team. At the same time, the competent authorities are carrying out the criminal investigation related to the case.

“We are in communication with the law enforcement authorities to collaborate in whatever way is necessary in the investigation,” said Rodríguez Troche, ensuring that this will be the only statement given to protect the well-being and safety of the minor involved.

The Puerto Rico Police Bureau, with the support of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), is conducting investigations of two men for a case of sexual assault against a minor, who turned out to be pregnant. Among the suspects is a police officer.

“The investigation is being carried out by a team specialized in police sexual crimes with support from the federal agency ICE, entrusted by [Police] Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa,” said Lt. Simara Torres Ramos, coordinator of the Police Bureau’s Sexual Crimes and Abuse of Minors Unit. “Because it is a case in which the victim is a minor and the events could involve an agent, the commissioner requested the assistance of colleagues from the federal agency in order to add additional resources that allow us to be more agile and precise at the conclusion of the investigation.”

She noted that since it is a case involving a minor, the data remains confidential and that due to the fact that the allegations point to two potential suspects, at this stage the agencies are conducting investigations for these purposes.

“Although the criminal investigation is still in progress, Commissioner López Figueroa ordered the agent to be disarmed and requested a parallel investigation of an administrative nature through the Superintendence of Professional Responsibility, which is guided by the provisions of the federal court, in accordance with the agreements of the [Police] Reform,” Torres Ramos said.

She added that the investigation will take time, because among other things, DNA testing is required as part of the evidence that is being collected and because among other factors, due to the nature of such cases, it is important that the victim is in optimal condition to collaborate with research.

“The emotional well-being of the victim is a priority and we cannot put the process before it,” the lieutenant said.

Rodríguez Troche said anyone who suspects or has knowledge of a case of neglect or abuse can report it by calling the Abuse Line at (787) 749-1333, 24 hours a day.

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