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Father of former first lady Wilma Pastrana passes away

Former Puerto Rico first lady Wilma Pastrana

By The Star Staff

The father of former Puerto Rico first lady Wilma Pastrana, Tomás Pastrana Montalvo, passed away early Thursday.

“Life presents us with days where faith is highlighted. This time it’s my brother, Tomás Edgardo, and me,” Pastrana, wife of former Gov. Alejandro García Padilla, said in a written statement. “At dawn today, my father, Tomás Pastrana Montalvo, went to redeem the promise of eternal life that his faith, our faith, assures us.”

Pastrana said she appreciated the care her father received while he was convalescing at Auxilio Mutuo Hospital.

He “faced with courage and great dignity, more than once, the afflictions that his body presented him,” she said. “He knew how to guard his faith with zeal until the last breath. My brother and I, as well as my sister-in-law Ive and my husband, Alejandro, along with our children, appreciate the attention of everyone at Auxilio Mutuo Hospital and the Cancer Center. For fear of failing to mention so many who cared for him, I cannot fail to mention Doctors Cabanillas, Abreu, Bryan, Pérez and Arraut.”

Pastrana did not offer details of funeral services in the statement.

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