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Father who allegedly impregnated his 13-year-old daughter is arrested

By The Star Staff

In the Lajas Arriba neighborhood of Lajas on Monday afternoon, members of the Puerto Rico Police Bureau (PRPB) arrested Alexis Alicea Torres, known as Popol, who was wanted for allegedly impregnating his 13-year-old daughter in a case that had provoked widespread public outcry.

“Today, August 14, members of the Police Intelligence and Arrest units, along with community volunteers from other government agencies, captured fugitive Alexis Alicea Torres, 34, in a wooded area in the Lajas Arriba neighborhood area of Lajas, after five days of intense search,” Police Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa said in a written statement.

Upon arrival at PRPB headquarters in Hato Rey later in the day, Alicea Torres claimed to be innocent.

As he was approached by reporters while being led into the headquarters, the accused man denied that he had impregnated his daughter.

Alicea Torres was apprehended while crossing a stream in the wooded area, the police chief said.

He faces an arrest warrant issued on charges of incest, threatening or intimidating witnesses and mistreatment for a pattern of sexual assaults against his biological daughter that resulted in pregnancy and delivery of a child, at the age of 13. Bail was set at $1 million by Judge Sinia Pérez Correa of the Mayagüez Court.

“The capture of the fugitive was possible thanks to the dedication and courage of the officers who searched inch by inch in hundreds of residences and even inside the brush day and night until they achieved his arrest,” López Figueroa said. “We appreciate the cooperation of the citizens who did not cease to send us confidential information about the possible places where Alicea may have been hiding, evading his responsibility to face justice. We also warn that anyone who has given shelter to this individual can be prosecuted for obstruction of justice.”

“This is an appalling case, which has shocked and outraged us all. All parents and members of a family are called to care for and ensure the safety and well-being of the minors in their care,” the police commissioner said. “However, this individual took advantage of his daughter’s helpless situation to abuse her, and not only impregnated her, but deprived her of her freedom by locking her and her baby in a residence.”

In addition, three child abuse charges were filed against the girl’s stepmother, Liz Annette Rodríguez González, who was released on bail and is being monitored electronically.

An investigation is ongoing to determine if there are more victims of sexual assault in the case. Since March 30, the Family Department has had provisional custody of the affected girl, her baby and a three-year-old brother.

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