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FBPR introduces team for first stage of Women’s Baseball World Cup

Puerto Rico will compete along with Cuba, France, Taiwan, Venezuela and Japan in Group B in the first stage qualifier for the Women’s Baseball World Cup in Miyoshi, Japan, Sept. 13-17.

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico Baseball Federation (FBPR by its Spanish initials) announced this week the list of the 20 players that will make up the national team that will represent the island in the first stage of the Women’s Baseball World Cup.

The event will be held in Miyoshi, Japan from Sept. 13 to Sept. 17 and will define three places for the last phase of the 2024 World Cup. The Puerto Rican team will be led by Carlos Ferrer.

“We have a more complete and versatile team, with more depth in pitching, with three position players who can also throw,” the manager said Monday. “The physical condition of the girls is extraordinary and it was demonstrated in the warm-up games in Cuba, where they played for days on end.”

Along with Puerto Rico, the national teams from Cuba, France, Taiwan, Venezuela and Japan will compete in group B.

The list of 20 players is headed by team captain Adrix Paradizo and veteran slugger Lisandra Berríos, who has played for Puerto Rico in all competitions since the women’s baseball program began in 2009. Among the new faces on the team are Yahelis Muñoz, Mileyshka Soto, Gabriela Vélez and Ashley Moreira. In addition, Nylah Ramírez returns to the pitching rotation.

“We have to play our best games against France, Venezuela and Cuba to be among the best six teams in the 2024 Summer World Cup,” Ferrer said.

Puerto Rico’s roster for the first stage of the World Cup:

CATCHERS: Jenny Ortiz, Yahelis Muñoz

INFIELDERS: Mileyshka Soto, 3B; Lisandra Berríos, 1B; Eva Torres, 2B; Kiara Resto, 3B; Adrix Paradizo, SS; Gabriella Vélez, SS; Luz Ashley Moreira, UT

PITCHERS: Janiliz Rivera, Danna González, Angelis Rivera, Zoé Collazo, Mirelis Adorno, Nylah Ramírez, Katiria Dávila

OUTFIELDERS: Alanis Rodríguez, Nashali Rivera, Luz Feliciano, Jonalis Ayala

TECHNICAL STAFF: Carlos Ferrer, manager; Juan Rodríguez, coach; Mario Alicea, coach; Edwin García, coach; Robert Rivera, pitching coach; Migdalia Moctezuma, trainer; José “Abi” Colón, equipment manager; José Rafael Torres, FBPR delegate; Gloribee Llanos, FBPR assistant

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