• The Star Staff

Federal agents visit House of Representatives to pick up documents

By The Star Staff

House Speaker Carlos Méndez Nuñez confirmed Wednesday that federal agents visited the Puerto Rico House of Representatives to pick up previously requested documents involving an investigation around two New Progressive Party (NPP) lawmakers.

“A story has come out that an office of the House of Representatives had been raided by agents and that is totally false, that is not true,” he said.

He said he told reporters after attending a caucus meeting that the House was cooperating with various investigations and that he was told to provide information from a specific office, which was done Wednesday.

“The agents came here, they went to the Presidency office, precisely looking for directions to get to the Secretary’s office, which is the one with the ministerial duty, and [everything was done] according to the process of delivering all requests made by state or federal agencies or even the [local] government agencies that may request information on matters related to the House of Representatives,” the speaker added.

Because the House had been closed for two weeks, the federal agents picked up the documents Wednesday.

When asked whether the investigation involved lawmakers other than NPP Reps. Nelson del Valle or María Milagros “Tata” Charbonier, Méndez replied in the negative. However, he said that in the past, law enforcement has asked about other House officials. Recently, federal agents raided the homes of the Charbonier and del Valle and took their cellphones. The officials also took a cellphone belonging to Charbonier’s husband.

The investigations, according to sources, are related to a complaint accusing certain lawmakers of having ghost employees or people who appear to be working on paper but are not truly performing any work.

Neither Charbonier nor del Valle answered requests for comment.