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Federal funds assigned for gov’t agencies, nonprofits, universities & towns

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón


Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón announced Tuesday that several commonwealth agencies, nonprofit organizations, universities and municipalities in Puerto Rico will receive over $13.2 million in federal funds.

The funds will be used for public security, natural disaster preparedness, research and improvements. Funding comes from the federal departments of Homeland Security, Agriculture (Rural Development mission area) and Labor, and the National Science Foundation.

The Department of Homeland Security will provide $11.9 million to strengthen port, border, disaster preparedness and counterterrorism security in Puerto Rico. An additional $1.2 million from other agencies will be allocated to promote research, training and business assistance projects in rural areas.

* The allocations break down as follows:

* The Department of Public Safety of Puerto Rico will receive $4.8 million for the implementation of national security strategies. In addition, 13 municipalities and the United Rapid Action Forces Unit of the Puerto Rico Police Bureau will receive a total of $1.7 million to improve cooperation and coordination between state and federal security agencies.

* For the first time, three Jewish nonprofit organizations in Puerto Rico will receive funding to strengthen their facilities and security. Chabad Lubavitch of Puerto Rico will receive a total of $450,000, the Jewish Community Center of Puerto Rico Inc. will receive $70,000 and Temple Beth Shalom $150,000.

* The island Public Safety Department also will receive $4.7 million under the Emergency Management Performance Grant, which supports governments in preparing for hazards related to natural disasters and emergencies. Meanwhile, Moran Towing San Juan will receive $268,000 to strengthen its maritime security facilities and operations.

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