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Federal funds for island security agencies available

By The Star Staff

The COPS Contracting Program under the United States Department of Justice has opened applications for security agencies to request funds for the hiring of full-time professionals, Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón announced Tuesday.

“Each year I urge mayors and agency heads to apply for this important federal program, which strengthens safety in our communities while creating jobs by making more officer positions available,” the resident commissioner said in a written statement. “It is very important not to miss out on the opportunity to receive federal funds that also make it possible to reinforce crime prevention initiatives.”

In the case of Puerto Rico, the 78 municipalities and commonwealth law enforcement agencies could benefit from the subsidy. They have until June 16 to complete their application.

During the annual discussion for the approval of federal budget items, the resident commissioner noted, she has always supported the financing of the COPS program, through which municipalities such as Guaynabo, Hatillo, Jayuya, Luquillo, San Juan, Villalba, Yabucoa, Toa Alta and Naranjito, to name several, have received funding.

Up to $156.5 million is available for the program, designed to support and increase community policing capacity and crime prevention efforts.

Details about the application process for the COPS program can be found at the following link:

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