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FEMA approves $9.7 million to refurbish town squares

Luquillo, Fajardo and Naguabo will enter a plan funded by Federal Emergency Management Agency to renovate 67 town squares on the island.

By The Star Staff

José Baquero, the coordinator for disaster recovery of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in Puerto Rico, announced Thursday that Luquillo, Fajardo and Naguabo will enter the plan to remodel 67 town squares on the island.

The approval of $9.7 million will be used for repairs of damages caused by Hurricane Maria that will include risk mitigation measures for future disasters.

“The squares are meeting and transit points,” Baquero said in a written statement. “In addition, they promote the economic activity of small businesses where historical buildings of great cultural value are still preserved. All of these qualities make their recovery one of our priorities.”

Some of the squares are the Luquillo Market Square, the Fajardo Market Square and the Naguabo Recreation Square. Reconstruction projects approved by FEMA include the protection and enhancement of environmental, historical, and cultural resources, where the agency’s Environmental and Historical Conservation division is engaged.

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