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Fewer employers to exempted from paying Christmas bonus this year

Labor and Human Resources Secretary Carlos J. Rivera Santiago

By The Star Staff

The Labor and Human Resources (DTRH by its Spanish initials) Secretary Carlos J. Rivera Santiago announced Thursday that to date, 325 employers have been exempted from the total payment of the Christmas bonus, which is on track to be fewer than in 2020.

Meanwhile, 27 companies received authorization for a partial exemption in the payment of the bonus, so that it does not exceed 15 percent of net earnings during the months of October and September 2021.

As of Nov. 30, the deadline for employers to file a request for exemption in person or by post, the agency had received a total of 364 requests, of which 12 were denied.

In 2020, the DTRH received a total of 705 requests not to pay the bonus, of which 602 were fully approved, while 62 companies obtained an exemption from 15 percent, and some 41 applications were rejected.

“This year there is a significant decrease in requests and exemptions from paying the Christmas bonus, compared to last year, which could be attributed to the various loans and aid to small and midsize merchants that allowed companies to pay the payroll of the employees and assume the payment of operational expenses in the context of the pandemic,” Rivera Santiago said.

“Consequently these employers were in a better position to pay the bonus to those workers who met the requirements. Another factor is that workers have not fulfilled the working hours required for the payment,” added the secretary.

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