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Firefighters to install smoke detectors at senior care centers

According to information provided by the Puerto Rico Firefighters Bureau, it is recommended that smoke detectors be installed in each room, in hallways, in the living room and on each level of the home if it has two floors or more.

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico Firefighters Bureau will be installing systems to detect gas and smoke emanations in care centers for the elderly throughout the island, starting with the municipalities of Carolina and Canóvanas.

At-large Sen. Keren Riquelme Cabrera and District 38 (Carolina and Canóvanas) Rep. Wanda del Valle Correa announced the initiative, which they are promoting, after meeting Monday with the bureau’s commissioner, Marcos Concepción Tirado.

“For us, the safety of the elderly is very important, particularly those who are in care centers, whether day or long-term,” Riquelme said. “That is why it is necessary that these facilities have the most advanced emergency prevention systems such as gas and smoke detectors. After holding a very effective meeting with the commissioner of the fire department, we are pleased to report that soon all these centers will have new gas and smoke detection systems.”

“According to the firefighters commissioner, this will be a very hot year due to how acute the El Niño phenomenon is over the Atlantic Ocean,” the senator added. “Given this, we have to expect more activity in terms of fires; that is why these detectors in the care centers for the elderly are so important. I thank the commissioner, as well as Representative Del Valle, for this great step toward the security of those who built the Puerto Rico we have today.”

According to information provided by the Firefighters Bureau, smoke detectors decrease the risk of dying in a fire within an enclosed area. It is recommended that smoke detectors be installed in each room, in hallways, in the living room and on each level of the house if it is two floors or more.

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Aug 09, 2023

It's heartening to read about initiatives that prioritize the safety and wellbeing of our senior population. The proactive step taken by the firefighters to install smoke detectors in senior care centers is commendable. Such measures not only ensure safety but also instill a sense of security among the residents and their families. As we continue to adopt advanced technologies to enhance the quality of life and safety in senior care centers, the inclusion of intelligent devices can make a significant difference. One such recommendation would be to consider integrating a smart AC controller in these centers. Modern HVAC solutions, like Sensibo, can provide optimal temperature conditions, save energy, and even alert the maintenance team of any malfunctions. When we combine…

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