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First phase of electric vehicle charging set

By The Star Staff

The first phase for the Highway and Transportation Authority to receive proposals for the creation of a charging network for electric vehicles on the island’s state highways in PR-2, PR-22 and PR-52 is set to end on November 2.

The announcement was made by the representative for District #4 of San Juan, Víctor Parés, who also reported that he will be meeting with the acting secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO), Lisoannette González, for the development of the regulations for the use of these new charging stations.

“Puerto Rico will lead the Caribbean area in the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. The ACT is well through the process of creating this network, with the proposal submission phase set to end on Nov. 2. We urge any company and/or person interested in being part of this transformation to submit their proposal in on before the aforementioned date, “ said the Representative of the New Progressive Party.

“According to the data available by the ACT, the Department of Transportation and Public Works and the Department of Treasury, in Puerto Rico currently between 2,500 and 4,000 electric vehicles travel on the roads, a figure that will increase exponentially in the coming months. That is why the creation of this network is imperative. In this first phase, the stations will be one mile away from the exits of those highways, which allows the driver variety to choose from, “ said the legislator.

“Hand in hand with the progress of this support infrastructure, the development of a regulation to delineate the parameters of charging and service in these stations must come. Remember that these are ‘superchargers,’ which means that in about 15 minutes the cars are charged. The regulatory structure has to be on par, so we will meet with the friend, the Secretary of DACO, who has been working on this issue for the past months, to corroborate the status and see how we can help it,” said Parés

The first phase of the project, authorized by the Federal Highway Commission, is focused on the creation of charging stations on highways PR-52 from San Juan to Ponce, PR-2, from Ponce to Hatillo, and PR-22 from Hatillo to San Juan.

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