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Fiscal board approves several amended LUMA service contracts with 6 firms

By The Star Staff

The Financial Oversight and Management Board has approved with observations a series of contracts to increase to $71.6 million the total amount of service contracts between LUMA Energy and six companies, according to an Oct. 2 letter.

The contracts are between LUMA Energy and Integra Design Group PSC, CSA Architects and Engineers LLC, Continental Lord LLC, Ray-Seco Engineers PSC, Sargent & Lundy Puerto Rico LLC and Stantec Engineering PSC.

The observations seek to ensure the proposed contracts promote market competition and are not inconsistent with approved fiscal plans.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the review performed by the Oversight Board does not constitute a legal review of the contractual documentation or the contracting process, including without limitation: (i) compliance with contracting requirements under applicable laws, rules, and regulations, both federal and local; and (ii) compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations governing procurement activities, both federal and local,” the oversight board said.

The contracts all have three-year terms from their respective dates of execution, with two allowable one-year extensions. They range from $18 million to $24.7 million.

According to the information submitted by LUMA, the proposed amendments will be fully federally funded with Federal Emergency Management Agency funds.

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