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Fiscal board authorizes $15 million for police overtime

Public Safety Secretary Alexis Torres

By The Star Staff

Public Safety (DPS) Secretary Alexis Torres announced this week that the Financial Oversight and Management Board has authorized the disbursement of $15 million for the payment of overtime to police officers.

“After the conversations that we have had with the board and the commitment that Governor Pedro Pierluisi and myself have to the police of Puerto Rico, we announce that we already have the authorization for the use of the funds and that we will be making the overtime payment through a special payroll,” Torres said.

He noted that the new payroll will be added to the $46.5 million that has already been paid in overtime this fiscal year. Torres also announced that he will ask the oversight board to approve $27 million for the payment of overtime for civilian employees of the Police Bureau, and $13 million for the purchase of uniforms.

The secretary held a meeting with the oversight board last week aimed at approving the overtime funds.

“Communication with the board has been constant and very open, reaching agreements in favor of police officers,” Torres said. “The designation of this $15 million is proof of this.”

The secretary said the agency he heads will continue to focus on improving the working conditions of the police and all DPS employees.

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