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Fiscal board exploring options for ensuring pensions, benefits for retired police

Financial Oversight and Management Board Chairman David Skeel

By The Star Staff

The Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico says it is evaluating alternatives for ensuring that police officers have adequate pensions and benefits when they retire.

Oversight board chairman David Skeel, board member Andrew Biggs, and executive director Natalie Jaresko met with representatives of Puerto Rico’s police force and their unions to discuss retirement benefits for active police officers affected by Act 447-1951 and Act 1-1990, and healthcare benefits for retired police.

“The Oversight Board fully understands the concerns expressed by the officers during the meeting about their future retirement benefits and health care coverage,” the oversight board said in a statement. “Ensuring police officers receive the benefits needed for a financially secure retirement is one of the Oversight Board’s priorities and the meeting on Tuesday afternoon was an important and productive step toward finding a solution.”

Last month, the oversight board said it reached an agreement with the administration of Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia to work together over the next 60 days on enhancing benefits for police officers in a way that is consistent with the certified Fiscal Plan for Puerto Rico.

Further, the oversight board said it has agreed in principle to provide health coverage to certain retired police officers through the commonwealth’s state-run Vital Plan and is in the process of working out the details of the coverage in the updated fiscal plan that the oversight board intends to certify soon.

“Public safety is essential for the quality of life of every Puerto Rican and our police officers play a critical role in ensuring our security and well being,” the oversight board said. “The Oversight Board has supported and continues to support Puerto Rico’s police officers and their critical service to protect and serve the island’s residents and businesses.”

The oversight board and the police representatives agreed to meet periodically and discuss progress made toward resolving their concerns about retirement benefits.

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