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Fiscal board: Legislature needs to modify its FY 2025 budget

The Financial Oversight and Management Board is giving the island Legislature until Wednesday to submit a modified budget for fiscal year 2025.

By The Star Staff

The Financial Oversight and Management Board on Monday gave the island Legislature until Wednesday to submit a modified budget for fiscal year (FY) 2025 citing numerous violations of the fiscal plan.

The Legislature sent the budget to the oversight board on June 18, according to a letter.

“The Legislature’s proposed FY2025 Commonwealth Budget is non-compliant because, among other things, it reallocates the sources and uses of funding in a manner that is inconsistent with the 2024 Fiscal Plan, and amends budgetary control language in a manner that diverges from the Compliant Commonwealth Budget of Puerto Rico for fiscal year 2025 submitted to the Legislature on June 5, 2024,” the oversight board said.

The oversight board provided a list of numerous revisions.

“If the Legislature fails to submit a compliant budget by the deadline, the Oversight Board intends to develop and certify its own revised budget that is a compliant budget on or before June 30, 2024,” the board said.

Areas of non-compliance with the oversight board’s FY2025 Commonwealth Budget included appropriations under the custody of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), the board said. While the Legislature’s request was for an $83.2 million increase, the oversight board proposed a response for a one-time $102 million increase subject to the UPR showing meaningful progress toward developing a plan for transforming UPR operations and prioritizing investments, the board noted.

“The Oversight Board is committed to supporting the UPR in fulfilling its mission toward students, staff, and the community,” the board said. “As such, this incremental one-time funding request must include clear objectives and goals to support economic development and achieve fiscal responsibility while addressing critical student, faculty, and infrastructure needs. These objectives must be accomplished to gain access to the funds.”

The oversight board also proposed a no funding increase for the first and second phases of archiving documents and the rehabilitation of a center for Antonio Martorell in the UPR Cayey building.

The board also refused to give island municipalities funds from the OMB for municipal road repair. The Legislature had proposed a $25 million increase.

The oversight board also declined to provide money to the Legislature for certain repairs at the Capitol.

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William Rosa
William Rosa
Jun 25

An observer looking from the outside, will ask him/herself, who's running the show in the colony, didn't they elect a governor four years ago, aren't they getting ready to elect a new one, they have a legislature body, right? Then, he/she hears the FOMB saying, if the "Legislature fails to submit a compliant budget by the deadline, [FOMB] intends to develop and certify its own revised budget."

There is no better way to expose the manner the colony had been administered by the US since 1898; Puerto Ricans might believe they have answers to some of their problems but regardless how promising they may look; the decision-making process doesn't include them.

To say that having no say in your house…

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