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Fit for a queen. As seen in New York Fashion Week

By Iris Edén Santiago

Special to The Star

Although we are told she loved fashion, and photos of her attending London Fashion Week have surfaced this week, the late Queen Elizabeth II was not really a die-hard fashionista.

She had style, grand style, and I do believe she had fun approving her looks. But in keeping with her role as an important world leader and respected monarch, the queen carefully distanced herself from fads and extreme trends.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth certainly had her own rules in the fashion department. Through the decades she developed a style that did suit her so very well. She was graceful and perfection in every single occasion. Always stately, classy and elegant. That the iconic world leader and dog lover loved color is no secret. The wonderful eye-catching outfits served various purposes, we are told. The fact that her security agents could immediately spot her through a crowd seems the most important one.

But bright colors came later in her life. The queen started out in the 1950s with tailored dresses cinched at the waist. Not trend setting, mostly discreet and somber. Back then she wore clean lines, pastel colors. She also favored patterns like plaid and tiny florals.

In time, Elizabeth II showed her true colors. She started using color blocking, monochrome suits, and grew a passion for vivid and neon colors, like lime, electric blue, purple, fuchsia … and every other shade in the extended Crayola box. Now she was setting trends.

And it was a winning move! Colors gave her a happy aura, she seemed energetic, and most importantly, approachable. As we all know, her skirt suits were accessorized to the nines: pearls, brooches, elaborate hats, umbrellas. Everything matching, everything coordinated and everything majestic.

The British monarch was comfortable in her own skin. Confident. She truly shined whenever she stepped out in one of her signature suits, artistic hats, purse and gloves. As a tribute to the beloved queen, I found some looks and colors in the runways of New York Fashion Week that remind me of her, and I think she would have liked. These looks are fit for a queen. Enjoy!

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