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Flood gates opened at Patillas Lake due to rising water level

Patillas Lake, whose overflow level is 222 feet, was reportedly at a level of 215.48 feet and rising on Monday.

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) Executive Director Josué A. Colón Ortiz announced that gate No. 2 of the dam at Patillas Lake was opened Tuesday morning as a preventive measure to control rising water levels due to heavy rains in the eastern part of the island.

The official noted that Patillas Lake, a man-made lake that serves as a reservoir for Puerto Rico’s southeastern region, was at a level of 215.48 feet and rising.

“Because the rains are expected to continue in the area, we will proceed to open gate number two to prevent the level of the lake, whose overflow level is 222 feet, from rising, and at the same time bring it to 213 feet in accordance with protocols,” the official said.

Colón Ortiz also said the technical staff of PREPA’s Irrigation, Dams and Reservoirs Division will keep an eye on the water levels at Patillas Lake so that they remain under control during the current rainy period, and that they personally communicated with Patillas Mayor Maritza Sánchez-Neris to notify her of the security operations carried out by PREPA at the reservoir.

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