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Food & vaccination drive reaches hurricane-hit towns

The food relief and vaccination drive will reach Barrio Santa Rosa in Lajas today and Barrio Tanamá in Adjuntas on Wednesday.

By The Star Staff

The Immunization and Health Promotion Coalition in Puerto Rico, VOCES, has teamed up with the Puerto Rico Food Bank to bring vaccination on its food distribution route to towns impacted by Hurricane Fiona.

“Having good nutrition is part of every individual’s health. It is as important to public health as protecting against dangerous diseases after an atmospheric phenomenon such as Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico,” said Lilliam Rodríguez Capó, founder and CEO of VOCES. “This is why we joined forces with the Food Bank, joining efforts and collaborating to bring vaccination against COVID-19 to those communities that are still in need.”

After visiting Peñuelas and Caguas, the route continued to Barrio Minillas in San Germán this past weekend. It will reach Barrio Santa Rosa in Lajas today and Barrio Tanamá in Adjuntas on Wednesday. Utuado and Sábana Grande will also be visited next week.

“New routes will be made until there is not one person left on this island who lacks food and vaccinations. If a community is still one of those pockets that are without electricity, they should contact us so we can support them,” the organization stated in a press release. “Community leaders and non-profit organizations taking supplies to different points on the island are being called upon to contact VOCES to deliver the new bivalent vaccine against COVID-19, which all citizens 12 years of age and older should receive.”

“The Puerto Rico Food Bank is honored to be part of the partnership with Voces PR to feed and ensure the health of those impacted by Fiona,” said Denise Santos, president of Puerto Rico Food Bank. “We will continue to work together for a better and stronger country. We urge all those who have not received their COVID-19 and influenza vaccines to take advantage of this opportunity where we are reaching out to their villages.”

The Food Bank of Puerto Rico works to reduce hunger, improve nutrition and prevent food waste. It receives large donations of food and products and distributes them to soup kitchens and other social organizations that feed people in need.

For more information, visit the Facebook page of and Banco de Alimentos Puerto Rico, or call 787-789-4008.

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