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Forensics Institute: Girl, 3, died from a heavy blow

Forensic Sciences Institute Executive Director María Conte Miller

By The Star Staff

Institute of Forensic Sciences Executive Director María Conte Miller announced Wednesday that the cause of death of a three-year-old girl from the Luis Lloréns Torres residential complex was homicide.

“The Institute of Forensic Sciences concluded as homicide the manner of death of a three-year-old minor who was taken to the Diagnosis and Treatment Center of the Luis Llorens Torres residential complex,” Conte Miller said in a written statement. “The forensic pathologist, Lorraine López, performed the autopsy on the minor on Monday and concluded the cause of death was due to severe bodily trauma and the manner of death was homicide.”

According to the police, officers were alerted on Sunday afternoon about a possible medical case in an apartment in building 41 of the Llorens Torres complex.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and transported the girl to the complex’s Diagnosis and Treatment Center, where death was certified.

The minor had bruises on her body. A man who was with the minor’s mother was detained by the authorities because he had an outstanding arrest warrant under Law 54.

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